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Estonia: Travel tales

Photos from our trip to Estonia Jan 2015

A seagull was flying over a beach, when it saw a mouse. It flew down and asked the mouse:
" Where are your wings?"

Each animal speaks its own language, and so the mouse didn't understand the question, but stared at the two strange, large things attached to the other creatures body.
" It must have some illness, " thought the mouse.

The seagull noticed the mouse staring at its wings and thought:
"poor thing. it must have been attacked by monsters that left it deaf  and took away its wings."

Feeling sorry for the mouse, the seagull picked it up in its beak and took it for a ride in the skies. "Its probably homesick," the seagull thought while they were flying. Then, very carefully, it deposited the mouse once more on the ground.

For some months afterward, the mouse was sunk in gloom; it had known the heights and seen a vast and  beautiful world.

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Flowers Day

Do you adore bright colors and floral art works? Here is a new watercolor painting in my Etsy Store. Its an original painting of 9 red tulips painted in red. The painting has a mix of yellow, orange, green colors  and a blue background. It was hard to find the right frame for this one, I guess it would look even  much better in a white frame with a bit of white space between the painting and the frame to make it look richer. The photo you see above is only a preview of the art work, you can see whole painting details here..  

happy viewing..

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My Handmade Text Pillow

Hello lovely loyal readers, I am back with a new DIY idea. I made this lovely text pillow last week and thought of sharing the tips (in photos) with you guys. As you see its not hard to personalize the text/quote  you want to have on the pillow fabric using a font form.

 If you have more creative forms with other shapes  you can use them and fill the blank space with black ink / wax and iron it when done!  I found almost same type of pillows in a house decor shop, and a small text pillow like this costed  20 USD. So now I am so glad I did it myself, Isn't it nice and easy :-) 

P.S next post will be about featuring 3 bloggers to help grow the blogging network and spread the love. If you want your blog to be featured email me: 1) a photo of yourself or a photo that present you. 2) Three of your social networking addresses such as Twitter, FB, Bloglovin. 3) a small paragraph about yourself , what you do and what you blog about.


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