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Weekend In Rome: Travel Outfit


Hello buddies! its been a while again. Here is a quick catch up on the personal style posts. A peek to our weekend holiday in Rome last May. You can see my instagram photo above in the set and there are more photos of the trip in my instagram account @hind_toufga . 

I hope you get inspired for spring / summer outfits while traveling in Europe. Stay in touch and follow up for more to come :-) 

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Alternative Appetizers: Caviar Bites From The Swedish Cuisine

Caviar toast ( Main Ingredients)

Toast + caviar + cream fresh + fresh dell + a squeeze of lemon juice. 

(Optional )

1.You can also add red onion  
2. Top with a raw egg ( The Swedish way)

Another creative way

Ingredients ( for 8 people)
4 medium potatoes
3 tablespoons butter
1 can of red lumpfish roe, or 50 grams of caviar
2 tablespoons lemon olive oil
1 bunch of chives
Dill for garnish

Boil the potatoes and peel it. Mash coarsely with a fork and add the butter and chopped chives. Season with salt and pepper. Add a few tablespoons of a round shape (3-4 cm diameter). Top with rum and a sprig of dill and drizzle a little lemon olive oil over.

120 g of caviar - preferably from Kalix or Abba
1 cup sour cream
1 red onion
12 slices form French
     olive oil

Crostini: Punch out the form loaves out circles with the same diameter as in the recipe for Laxrullar. Brush roundels with olive oil and bake in the oven at 130 ° for 15-20 minutes until they are crisp.
Add the roe in a coffee filter to drain. Also, pour the sour cream in a coffee filter and let stand for a few hours. Finely chop the onion. Place crostinin on the kitchen counter. Pipe with the first liquor bags on creme fraiche and then roe. Top with finely chopped onion and finely chopped chives.

Photos below from our own kitchen


Feel free to follow my Swedish Cuisine board on pinterest for inspiration. 

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Bring It Home: Opportunity to display original artists artwork at your place

ArtHome.London is offering this amazing opportunity for art lovers as well as those who have good taste in space styling and interior design.

  1. Pick your favourite piece among hundreds carefully selected works of art from both established and emerging artists. From abstract oil paintings on canvas to mixed media collage compositions. 
  2. Choose art from our collection and pay just £29 per month.
  3. You get to change art as often as you like.
  4. Its delivered and installed for you.
  5. Cancel online or purchase an artwork anytime.

I am happy to announce this code for you my blog readers to get a FREE MONTH with ArtHome.London and enjoy this unique experience.

Your code: hintou

Who is ArtHome.London

ArtHome.London is brought to you by the same team that founded Gitoon several years ago. Gitoon helps artists in their creative development by providing quality feedback on their works . Today Gitoon houses thousands of emerging and established artists around the globe. It has curated a number of international exhibitions and was ranked among the hottest European startups by WIRED and Mashable.

Participating artists receive share of the monthly subscription fee. They also get 70% of the price if the work is sold – higher than in any gallery in town. View the gallery here <  




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Wardrobe 101: How to Build and Organize Wardrobe

Hello guys! I am about to rebuild our walk-in closet. So lately I've been collecting ideas and tips on how to get ahead with this project. First I am willing to buy new Ikea walk in closet shelves ( as seen below in the set ), then I will add a unique final touch that will make it look like a mini boutique.

To be able to use every single small space in the room I will have to buy these creative organizing products to be able to stoke items like , scarves , ties, belts, underwears.. ect... and not to forget the most important thing which is displaying all chic pumps, bags and accessories in a style.

If you would like to get an inspiration from my plan, visit my Wardrobe 101 Pinterest board.

In this images collage is a simple DIY idea of how I am going to design the walk-in closet space. And the tools I am going to use for the specific items I am willing to keep on display.



General Tips

  • Use ALL available space, but keep it organized.
  • Keep out-of-season (winter/summer) clothes out of the way.
  • You're more likely to wear something if you can see it.
  • Keep 1-2 hooks empty for quick-n-dirty clean up.
  • Don't forget the backs of deep shelves, and high-up places.

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DIY: Marble Bedside Table

Hello buddies! Ive been wanting to do this DIY for quite a while and now I finally did it. This is a makeover I applied for our bedrooms side tables today, using only marble print contact pager, thats all! yes yes just as easy as that. 

While making this DIY project, only make sure you cut the edges very carefully. You also don't want the paper to be over the table side which will make it easy to notice that is fake. 

If you are following my DIY home decor board in Pinterest you will find plenty of ideas of how to turn any table to a marble stylish table. 


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Parmesan Chicken Bites



1/2 cup vegetable oil
1 pound boneless, skinless chicken breasts, cut into 1-inch chunks
Kosher salt and freshly ground black pepper, to taste
1 cup Panko*
1/4 cup freshly grated Parmesan
1 teaspoon garlic powder
1/2 teaspoon smoked paprika
1/2 cup all-purpose flour
2 large eggs, beaten
2 tablespoons chopped fresh parsley leaves


Heat vegetable oil in a large skillet over medium high heat.
Season chicken with salt and pepper, to taste.
In a large bowl, combine Panko, Parmesan, garlic powder and smoked paprika; season with salt and pepper, to taste. Set aside.
Working in batches, dredge chicken in flour, dip into eggs, then dredge in Panko mixture, pressing to coat.
Add chicken to the skillet, 5 or 6 at a time, and cook until evenly golden and crispy, about 3-4 minutes. Transfer to a paper towel-lined plate.
Serve immediately, garnished with Parmesan and parsley, if desired.


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Wedding Guest Outfit: How to dress up a grey dress

 wedding guest outfit

 wedding guest outfit

Here it is! as I promised you guys that I am going to write a about events and wedding guest outfit for women this year. In this post I am showing you how I got my inspiration for dressing up my tulle  grey dress for a wedding event. 

You might have noticed that most of my outfits are grey, and even home decor. Its starting to be my favorite color after white. 

Sometimes it can be hard to find the right things that would brighten up "grey" . And that depends on how you want the general look to be. For me I wanted to have a bit of smoky look but in the same time for it to look natural without adding up too much. So I skipped wearing big earnings ( as its common for strapless dresses) and I only used my usual studs, cocktail black and white ring and natural stone statement necklace

Black clutch and black low pumps where the best options for me to add up to the smoky look but it can be also dressed up with nude or dark red colors for fair skin women. 

I hope you enjoy the inspiration from my personal style and look forward for more...

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Stockholm: Wedding In a Lovely Antique Castle

“Hesselby Castle” The castle was built first in the 1640s by the riksråd Karl Bonde, who owned it until his death 1652, and the architect Simon de la Vallée, and it was finished about the 1660s by his son Jean de la Vallée, when Karl's son Gustaf Bonde owned it. The Bonde noble family owned the castle until 1931, when the City of Stockholm purchased it. It was purchased by the SIVAB company in 2010.

We spend last weekend in this beautiful place attending a wedding of our friends. I got the chance to see a new part of Sweden. Crazy as I am about antiques and historical classic places I couldn't been happier and I fully enjoyed this wonderful stay experience in hesselby Slott / castle in Swedish.

This was a another new Swedish wedding experience for me among the couples best friends and family, got kinda used about how events are runned here, but still everyone has their own style and character. My guy got the chance to meet old friends as the couple were both his school friends. That's an example of true love by the way.

I had my first "Tulle Dress" on the wedding day, I am going to write a Style inspiration article about soon. In this photos you get to see the Scandinavian antique design, anyway not to take too long on explaining, will let the photos below do the job :-) 

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